Why is Polish school problematic? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the educational system in this country? And of course, how are the students feeling about the situation? 

You will know in a moment,  what is happening after passage by doors of school in Poland.

Everybody knows that school in this country is not for teaching it’s just for educating young people. 

According to students of one high school in Kielce form of final exams can not truly satisfy them. They are evaluated wrongfully for their creativity, for example on final exam at Polish language they are not able to express themselves when analyzing poems. 

Interpretation is set in advance by the educational organization and if students want to do it in their own creative way they could fail exam. That is killing willingness to read poems of these young people. They are afraid of being wrong.

Another important thing is the lack of useful classes like Accountancy, Ecology, Sexual education, Learning how to learn and Psychology basics instead of that ministry focus on adding more and more subjects to core curriculum. 

Lessons are conducted in an uninteresting way. Teachers do not have time to explain the most important terms. This is a waste of time, because students will not use even 10% of the information they have to learn about after graduation.

The situation in Polish schools looks frustrating. Students are forced to learn subjects they are not interested in. They have their heads overloaded by different information. Ministry do not care about the students just about core curriculum.

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