Three months after hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico has still got no power.

On September 20th 2017, the category 5 Hurricane Maria, hit Puerto Rico and most of the others Central American islands, leaving only death and disruption behind. At the time of the hurricane 3.4 million people were left without power. Hurricane Maria was labeled as the worst natural disaster ever recorded in Puerto Rico; three months on the power is still not back, a part from San Juan and some major cities; one third of the whole Puerto Rican population has still got no power.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, said in a tweet that the devastation of Puerto Rico (a US territory) is to blame on themselves. Trump said that electric and infrastructures were a problem long before Hurricane Maria hit the island and that he cannot keep the federal helps and military in there forever; while people are begging for the help they need and they should not be begging for.

After Hurricane Maria the dead count hit 64, but Puerto Rico just ordered a recount of the victims, some days ago, as the CNN reported in a service about Puerto Rico that the funeral homes of half the island believe the number of dead, due to the hurricane, to be at least 499 deaths.

American Puerto Ricans still have no running water or power and while President Trump threatens to take back federal helps ,stars are donating money to help the situation.

Famous pop star Jennifer Lopez gave $1 million, other stars have helped in different ways, like Pitbull who lent his private jet to Puerto Rico in order to transport cancer patients to the United Stated mainland, others, including Ricky Martin, have started charities to raise money for the islanders.

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