On 5th May 2017, a woman was walking on  Putney Bridge but for no obvious reason, she was pushed by an incoming jogger.

It was intentional as the jogger pushed the woman onto incoming traffic but narrowly missed a bus crushing her head. She came out of the incident with minor injuries.

This shocked people in the capital because the jogger seems unmoved and kept on running while the woman survived from being pummeled by a bus.

Due to the quick manoeuvre of the bus driver, the bus narrowly missed hitting the victim’s head.

The victim stated she never met the man or knew who he was so the unprovoked push was baffling for many.

What is weirder is the suspect made a U-turn to run back across the bridge 15 minutes later but completely ignored the victim who questioned him why.

In August 2017, an investigation was launched with a massive public appeal, but no viable information was acquired.

A year later and no suspects have been charged even though CCTV on the bus caught the man’s full description.

The police looked at 50 people of interest, but none was the alleged jogger.

Hence, the police closed the investigation more than a year after the incident occurred because they had been no “viable lead” and all the information was “exhausted”.

However, if any additional information does come to light the investigation will be reopened but for now, the 33-year-old victim’s life does not seem to be endangered by this mysterious jogger.

The CCTV footage saw the jogger running past a man, but the victim was in a close proximity to the jogger which some speculate the reason why he pushed her out of the way or maybe the jogger had some sort of malicious thoughts about the incoming victim.

Others speculate the jogger might have mental issues but we will probably never know what was going through his mind.

Source of Image: BBC

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