Six new stabbings in London Wednesday, other deaths, other lives taken by the violence and hatred that subsists today within people’s own hearts, and while we blame it on the media we don’t make any effort to change the reality.

A new day a new crime, but lately in the city we don’t really need to see the light of a new day to hear about a new crime.

It’s outrageous how many crimes in London lay unsolved, flooding to the river of pain filled with the victims’ families’ tears, a river which puts the Thames to shame for length and profundity.

Two assaults in four days, the streets of the city that you could once walk through all night long, no longer feels safe, walking in the night has become impossible, same for the day.

The city that used to be the Royal capital and a safe harbour has now turned into a dark tunnel with no way out, just emergency exists.

Every day another mindless crime, but there’s no pantomime in here and this show must NOT go on.

This crime chain that surrounds the city must be broken and Londoners freed, freed from the fear that their sons, daughters, friends, lovers, mothers and fathers are not going to make it home tonight, free from the fear of leaving the house because it may be dangerous.

The human race seems now to be devolving, unrolling background the film of Darwin’s theory, bringing back the cave man, and you can see that they already started with their beards!

We let hypocrisy rule our lives; protests engulf like fire in a chimney when we eat some meat, but when a man dies, when his life is taken, we just stay impassive drawing in our own silence.

Now we pump up our butts instead of our heads, that’s probably why we can’t think anymore, we just crap our sh**y actions out and it does not pop up in our mind that every action has a reaction, and they may infamously turn against us.

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