Today, I ate pancakes at a Pub without butter, walked through pleasantly cold London rain, and overheard stories of suicide on the tube.

The pleasure and power of ScribersHive is that I would be encouraged and supported to write about any of these experiences.

Farah and his team developed ScribersHive with time and vision. ScribersHive is becoming like this office I work in: a place to write and learn and think without fear.

With the writing, I have been able to work out my technique and the reading on the page brought awareness to issues I was ignorant to.

As an intern, I have had the power to do whatever task I wanted while benefitting the organisation and myself.

As head-man Farah played dope jams including laid back beats, pop London Radio, and classic hip-hop I would go about my work which included:


  • Starting to learn Java Script and basic coding.
  • Different social media techniques to increase followers and engagement.
  • Basic graphic design skills.
  • Ability to watch plays and conduct live interviews.
  • Participate and host podcasts.
  • Write about whatever whenever and learn how to edit it.


Farah was especially supportive and considerate of me picking up personal tasks for learning.

I was developing myself professionally by learning about coding and getting hands on experience from other members and real work.

Exposure to film, music, writing and a constant exposure to the arts is to be expected. Passions are not turned down here, rather they are supported.

If you love to draw then your drawing will be improved if you love talking about football then you will rant on a podcast about it.

There is freedom at You Press and ScribersHive. The company is growing and my skills have grown too.

I appreciated how kind everyone was and the work was healthy and peaceful. Everyone won and I’m glad I was part of the team.

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