The bolder and representative work of Fumito Ueda, a timeless classic, a love story that is free to immerse ourselves in the endless Forbidden Lands.

The poetic and decadent representation of resignation that lasts long enough to leave the indelible mark in the memory of those who have lived the story with the protagonist Wander, the game that invented guilt in the player: ‘Shadow of the Colossus’.

In 2006, it arrived on the European market for PS2, and it was pleasant news, however, it changed the belief that all the players knew with certainty: ‘in video games, we are the heroes’.

To be able to change this assumption, its creator has worked to mislead the story, managing to bring each player who has finished the game to mature convictions and then having them revised differently at the conclusion of the game.

The trick is so strong that it continues today after twelve years. In a new remake available for PS4, where the contents and history were left unchanged, in fact, the title features a complete makeover of the assets and graphics plus the animations.

When the young Wander begins a long journey to the Forbidden Lands, riding his horse Agro, carrying the body of his young beloved, sacrificed and passed prematurely because of her cursed fate.

In a place where no man should ever come, the soul of a dead person can return to the body that left. But the demand for this challenge to happen goes far beyond human ability.

Yet the power of love and desperation drives Wander to attempt it; after the appearance of a mysterious divinity called Dormin, the young adventurer is asked to defeat the sixteen majestic giants that inhabit the Forbidden Lands.

This is an adventure like no other, leaving the player free to travel between the vast lands of a place abandoned by men, through a green forest nestled in the shadows of the shrubs, riding on the sands of the desert areas and in those barren land where the impetus earth has active geysers erupt.

And it is by raising his sword to the sky that Wander identifies the exact location of the giants, characterised majestically, they can always offer several game variations.

Nevertheless, the goal is still the same: to climb on their bodies, facing their fury and striking them there where the bright tattoos show their weaknesses.

This is the only game which you will feel manipulated by after completion. Playing video games involves the acceptance of a deal in which the player decides a goal and pursues it without asking why, assuring that eventually there will be the grand satisfaction of victory.

For those who have not had the opportunity to indulge in the mystical and mysterious world, struggling valiantly against the sixteen colossal enemies to rebel against an unfortunate fate, find the best version of an absolute and undeniable masterpiece.

For those who have already played this masterpiece on original release, will rediscover a game world with no more greys areas, without those technical limitations that prevented in part to show its magnificence in the best open world.

Photo by Stefano Pollio on Unsplash

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