On Friday morning at 10:14am a shooting took place at the Santa Fe High School: where it has been confirmed that eight students and two teachers have been killed.

In addition, 10 were left wounded. Initially the victims had been taken to the hospital in Galveston, 20 miles from Santa Fe, Texas.

The school was quickly put on lockdown and the shooter was arrested promptly.

The shooter, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, was a student at the school. As reported by the mother of Shana Fisher, one of the victims, her daughter had turned down the shooter’s romantic advances a week prior to the tragedy.

According to the mother Dimitrios also shot other people he disliked.

This allegation has been denied by the Pagourtzis’s family lawyer. Dan Patrick, Texas Lieutenant Governor, released a statement, saying that police are still investigating to find the true motives, looking through any key information found in Dimitrios’ personal writing, computers and phone.

Sadly, the shooting in Santa Fe has not been one of a kind, with multiple shootings across the United States drawing international attention.

On 11thMay an article on CNN listed school shootings in 2018. There’s 21 in total, accounting to an average of 1 shooting a week.

With the last one taking place at Highland High School in Palmdale, California on 11thMay, resulting in one person being shot.

According to the Department of Defence’s news releases, there officially has been more casualties in school shootings than those in Military service this year.

Again, people have been appealing to reform gun control laws to prevent such tragedies. It is still a hot topic with many thinking that the solution lies in arming teachers to protect students.

Of course, in this case, there are more issues to discussed.

If the romantic rejection was to be confirmed as the motive, the problem starts with toxic masculinity and consent.

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