It is now the third day of snow in London and it is mesmerizing.

Waking up in the middle of a Siberian snow blizzard while still in the comfort of your warm and nice London home, isn’t it a dream?

I woke up this morning, very early to get ready for uni and as I opened the window a big smile lightened up my face. London just showed me her white coat, and it fitted perfectly!

Coming from Southern Europe, snow has never been real to me…

It’s something I have dreamt of, seen in film, written about, but never touched or played with; so the first thing I did was going downstairs and build a snowman!!

I was not the only happy one there, outside was full of children playing snowball fights so my inner child forced me to get involved!
(Let’s hope I don’t get a cold, again!)

But not everybody was as happy as me… people coming from colder countries and therefore already used to snow were so annoyed by it!

They have a point, I mean, trains not running, Internet not working properly, flights cancelled; but when you’re home, with a blanket on and a cup of hot chocolate, isn’t it magic?

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