Anxiety is an extremely frustrating mental illness to deal with. For some people, they enjoy being given a moment to sit with their thoughts; however, when your thoughts tend to be toxic as they are for many people with anxiety, this is a dangerous action.

We are living in times where all we can do is sit with our thoughts. So, what can one do to avoid getting trapped in anxious thoughts? I like to trick my mind into thinking I am somewhere else, and I do this with music.

According to Psych Central, studies show that music, “can be used as a distraction and is effective among those who can easily become absorbed in cognitive activities.”

With this in mind, I have created the ultimate playlist to help you feel like you are not trapped inside your house with a pandemic raging outside.

The first song on the playlist is “Driving to Hawaii” by Summer Salt. The narrator of the song is in fact facing the same struggle as you, he is “dreaming of these places I may never see.” He sings of the things he wishes he could do if he was in beautiful warm places with the one he loves. While listening to him imagine his experiences, you will find yourself imagining them too.

The next song on the playlist is “Comfortably Numb” by Pink Floyd. Best stated by Rock Pasta, the song, “brings you into a trance- that’s why it’s one of Pink Floyd’s best songs.” If you ever feel like you want to enter another dimension and get out of your head, any Pink Floyd song will do.

As someone who is New Jersey born and bred, my playlist would be incomplete without the inclusion of at least one Bruce Springsteen song. The song I have chosen is “Born to Run.” Springsteen’s’ lyrics, “We’re gonna get to that place where we really want to go// and we’ll walk in the sun// But till then, tramps like us// Baby, we were born to run” capture the essence of being stuck in a dead end with someone you love, dreaming of your escape.

I also believe this playlist would be incomplete without the inclusion of at least one Beatles song. “Here Comes the Sun,”  is a sure way to brighten your mood. The repetition of the line, “And I say, it’s alright,” is extremely reassuring during hard times. The sun will shine again, even though life feels particularly cloudy right now.

These songs are must haves on my playlist; however, any song that makes you feel good about yourself and allows you to escape your mind is worthy of being on your playlist!

If you are experiencing a particularly hard time with your mental health during this time, I sincerely hope you’ll try making a playlist of your own, as I know it has helped me immensely.

Photo by Natalie Cardona on Unsplash

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