The sparkle ignited inside me,

is kept alive by someone who whisper in my head

the reasons of my being in this universe.

And I am grateful to whoever watches over me to have given me an opportunity

to feel the caress of a mother and the laugh of a friend,

the breeze over my face,to get a glimpse of the horizon beyond the sea.

For all the tears shed at not being content with myself at trying

to be someone else

to be just more than a drop in a ocean of despair.

Who I am? I am in the biggest adventure yet to be written.

Everything thrown at me, despite nimbly dodging them,

has shown me that I am not a hero,not a saviour.

But a girl trying to be bold and brave nonetheless

with a smile plastered on her face, trying to fly from a world of hypocrisy,

enjoying the simple quiet and beauty of a universe hiding extraordinary secrets.

A girl with confidence issues and retreated in herself,

not caring about the labels that this society sticks to her.

I am not a package,not a product of conventions,

certainly not a doll to be exposed in a shop window because I have a life of my own.

Everyone has their say and try to influence you,

but learn to wave  your line of thought with grace,

like a beautiful tapestry ready to be taken only by  those who have reason in your heart.

Faith and reason can go hand in hand if you allow them to.

Believing can be more powerful and reason often relies on it.

The core of who we are,just like the universe is made of galaxies and stars,

is within our beliefs and realizations.

Living to find a purpose and bringing a smile to protect those you love from a pain

that inevitably will doom us at the point of death.

Death makes life more than worthwhile living,sometimes a mercy when we fall in the battlefield of daily life.

Though this life,this gift is not to be wasted especially not in accumulating a material heritage,

but a cultural one that will enrich and entertain your spirit.

As your sparkle is extinguished you want to preserve the good memories and reach happiness,

as there is a life beyond what we are experiencing now

and all that comes at the price of your deeds.

Call it blind faith,but we are not as independent as we may think,

constantly at the mercy of a superior force,

which can melt and break us,

too fragile and miserable to see the truth immediately.

We are a shade of indefinite colour, a beautiful creation

carrying the burdens of a planet to care about which we are exploiting

and making bleed black blood for our aspirations.

The worry sometimes sweeps me over when I think about the future of our race,

when I will not be there as the Eye of God will explode and leave us to darkness.

How it won’t be a life anymore but a survival,degrading ourselves not to monkeys

who someone believes we come from,but something worse.

My life now,as it is,would just be a tiny chapter of the history of humanity,

not even worthy of mention,

but it will count for me if even for a day I can serve who gave me a life and

the people who love me.

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