In our modern world, we often find things to ground us, coincide with our morals/values and overall, round out our general character. This can range anywhere from having certain, special people in our lives, or participating in a hobby that pertains to your tastes. Many people often turn to group activities, and find solace in a community that holds their similar morals and values. Joining a religion, becoming a spiritual person, and developing yourself is a way that people fulfill themselves today.
More times than not, there is an association between the concept of spirituality with the practicing of religion. However, technically speaking they are two completely different aspects that parallel one another and align well with the teachings and functionings in each.
To be a part of a religion, is to commit yourself to a community of shared beliefs and values practiced under one rule or doctrine. Examples of religion include Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. These religions are some of the many lines of faith that people of the world choose to practice under, joining together as a community and valuing their shared beliefs and morals.
As for spirituality, this is a broader term with multiple layers of translation. Spirituality is a concept that means something different to everyone, yet it provides a sense of connectedness between all people. In a nutshell, an overarching definition of spirituality is having a sense and affinity to a “higher meaning”, whether your focus is geared towards a sense of the divine, or peace with the universe. Spirituality can be an individual experience, practiced alone/internally and at the same time it is also a shared community experience as well.
Although spirituality and religion are two different aspects of maintaining faith, there are also several similarities that connect and bind the two. These similarities include the idea of community, holding a belief, a moral guidance, time for reflection/meditation, inner peace, and even a sense of comfort. Some people can practice in both, blending their spirituality with their religious practicing. Others prefer to choose just one, and focus themselves with that form of guidance. Regardless of which you do practice, having that grounding belief in life is an important part of creating who we are as an individual.

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  1. Asyia Iftikhar
    Asyia Iftikhar says:

    This is an interesting question to explore. I agree that both Spirituality and Religion coincide howeverI feel that in order to fully interact with your religion, spiritually is almost certainly necessary. In religion the connection you make with yourself, the community and with you god, gods or core belief makes spirituality essential as we can explore these aspects through spirituality. Furthermore, religion is certainly shared belief but just like spirituality the way you practice your religion can be so diverse. I am yet to find a group of people who practice religion in exactly the same way but the beauty of it is, like you mention, that regardless of how it is practiced, common values bring a whole community together.

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