It’s hard to fully comprehend space-time, let alone comprehend the entire lifespan of our existence on a universal scale.

To think that we, as an age-old species, are nothing but a mere spec on the universal canvas is a hard fact for any one of us to fathom.

But nonetheless, space-time is relative.
And we can’t pretend that space and time, and our lives that live within it, are any less meaningful just because of one universal eye-opener.

Sure, it may feel like being hit by a ton of bricks but that shouldn’t change our entire philosophy of life.

If anything, the revelation that time and space are more expansive than you might think is actually more of a liberation.
At least it is for some people.

What do I mean to say?
Well, I mean that for some people the prospect of there being an ‘infinity’, so to speak, that is distant and out of reach for the majority of us – Neil Armstrong being an exception – means that we as a collective species have the ability to strive for the impossible and the unattainable.

For without the universal canvas, mankind’s achievements would only be limited to what’s before us here and now on planet Earth.
We wouldn’t have been able to fly to the Moon and we wouldn’t have been able to establish the International Space Station 408 km above the Earth.

Both are achievements thought to have been impossible in days and times gone by.

And so, for those so inclined, all of this means that despite only being able to exist in one tiny hub of planet Earth in some distant corner of the universe, that the potential to broaden our horizons is always increased…

I say potential because, as I mentioned, for the majority of us, escaping the bubble of planet Earth is nothing more than a daydream.

But that doesn’t matter.

Because, as I also mentioned, it’s not the material end result that matters.
It’s the potential.
It doesn’t matter if going to the moon is an impossibility.
It only matters that it’s a goal to strive towards.

It’s the ambition of all of us, as a collective species, to strive for the impossible and the unattainable.

Photo by NASA.

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