‘Supermodel’ is the second studio album by Foster the People, it’s a record that came three years after the previous album ‘Torches’.

This album contains eleven unreleased tracks, bringing up and treating issues such as consumerism and the risk of capitalism, the last one had fascinated Mark Foster during the creative process of the record.

The disc begins to take shape at the end of 2012 when Mark Foster and producer Paul Epworth set up a studio and began to compose at a manor in Essaouira, Morocco.

Later, the band and producer continued to work on the album in various locations around the world: the creative work to the record proceeded in Malibu, Los Angeles and London studios. The idea behind this album is to step outside the comfort zone, which sometimes brings better arts and music.

The vibe is focusing on guitars and instruments from different musical cultures and is an album to be analysed from two different perspectives.

You listen, and you think it’s a unique pop record, ready for the dance floor, with tribal rhythms. It’s possible to feel that the band had travelled a lot in the two years before the album came out, and hear all the influences of their wanderings.

After, we focus on the words, and this is where it becomes clear the bittersweet effect, typical of those who tell you to enjoy your leisure your time, but subliminally wants you to reflect on the society around you.

‘Supermodel’ is talking about the wrong side of capitalism, of consumerism, in a world of perpetual conflict.

”Coming of age”, is a piece for which was filmed a documentary video of the creation of a mural, covering a building in the centre of Los Angeles seven floors high, illustrating the cover art of the album.

The design is realised by Young & Sick, illustrating a model vomiting this poem about consumption, surrounded by a crowd of paparazzi taking pictures of her, consuming her, and then they will vomit those photos to the audience, it’s a cycle.

The song nonetheless talks about gaining maturity, but at the same time, you’re not new to lives as an independent adult anymore. However, that is the age that you realise that there are many things to learn about life and living.

”Best friend” is a song that contains all the album songs mixed, creating a well made and well mixed final piece. It begins with a bass low-mod style, becoming an early 80’s dance song, to then slide into a musical afro-beat.

The piece talks about the writer’s block, where creativity is the artist’s best friend. The song is strictly related to the video, and how a model, probably the same from the cover album, is pill-addicted and start eating the other model, more beautiful or successful than her.

It’s a criticism to the modelling and fashion industry. Can be related to those who want to escape life delusion and problems through drugs.

This record is significant because of the lyrics, of the message that it’s trying to send to their listener. ”Supermodel” is a bittersweet pop album from Foster the People.

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