The initiative, called “The System Kills”, is against the current social policy. Its camp is located in front of the National Assembly.

So deputies who are coming or going from work can look at children with disabilities and their parents who wear a T-shirt with a message.

T-shirts that were seen as potential threats to the media.Why is the truth is so terrible for the media?

 “Our children are sentenced to death,there is no life for them. We want our children to live after us.If I die before my child they will find him hungry and slowly dying.

“But if my child lives up to 18 years, they will receive a benefits worth €100. I would prefer my child to die before me so she doesn’t get hurt.” Imagine how hard it is to cause such words from one mother. Yes,it really is so terrible.

There is someone who successfully opposed the media,who stubbornly conceal the protest. Slavi Trifonov is the basis for this thing to continue, with support for mothers of “special children”. 

He did something spectacular in Bulgaria and England and through a number of concerts and protests he promoted the idea for change.

Even with disability every child deserves a better life and that the child should have rights and the freedom to express . 

What has happened to our goverment? Deputies who bring a feeling of guilt to mothers about what their children are and that they have no right to life. 

These are not the people who have to decide the future of these children. Why have we forgotten our humanity? And how it is shameful for protesters to call themselves Mothers? 

This story has no happy ending, there is no solid solution to the problem, it only shows how the media can control life.

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