Ireland Finally Legalised Abortions: What's Next?

The only countries in Europe where abortion is illegal remain: Northern Ireland, Liechtenstein, Malta, Poland and San Marino.

How Fasting is Going this Ramadan

It's the third week into Ramadan and most of us across the UK have gotten the hang of almost 19 hours of fasting. For some reason even though it's very lengthy, the fasts aren't as challenging as it was in the previous year. I guess it's…

Berlinah Wallace Sentenced to life for Acid Attack

Berlinah Wallace was sentence to life three years after throwing sulphuric acid on her former partner to cause intentional harm. Her partner, Mark van Dongen, ended is life having not recovered from the injuries caused by the corrosive liquid.

Pakistani Girl Forced to Abort by Parents

Abortion should be a choice and it should never be forced.

We tried being humans, it did not work.

We have observed. Observed quite a few humans we crossed paths with on this planet they called Earth. Observed their needs and wants. Observed hidden desires and their carefully designed values. We have watched. We've seen their reactions…

'This is America' by Childish Gambino

''This is America don't catch you slippin' up'', the analysis of the Childish Gambino new music video. Photo by Anthony Delanoix on Unsplash

Not All Of Them (Of Course)

Trust me, we are tired of this too. We are not trying to ‘make everything about race’, we are just showing you what our life is like. Ours is not a battle that we chose to fight, it’s something we were forced to deal with.
You + Life = Playing a Game

You + Life = Playing a Game

Many are lost in this game we refer to as life. In this reality show that is currently LIVE. Many play the roles that do not fit. Many feel fear when thinking about altering the descriptions that they have originally received. These descriptions…
We Created Them

We Created Them

We created them to grow and develop. They created rules to limit and follow. We created nature to indulge in. They created vehicles and polluted the man-made ‘countries’. We created language and enabled them to share. They only said…

Knife Crime on Rise in the Capital

The lives of young men in London are being stolen due to the sharp rise in knife crime and the gangs responsible are not being caught and bought to justice. Instead they are still roaming around the streets of London carrying knives, machetes…