Italy Bans Unvaccinated Students from Attending Class

Following a mandatory immunisation law, Italian parents who have not vaccinated their children risk fines or their kids being re fused entry into schools.

There is a Hero Inside of You

Utilising the skills we learn from our helpers during our missions.

Dear UK Education System

A scathing letter to the education system in the UK.

Record Number of Year 6 Children Categorised 'Severely Obese'

The rate of childhood obesity among school children has risen staggeringly over the last decade. This especially goes to those in the 10-11 age demographic who have the record number in the 'severely obese' category.

The Importance of Reading Books from a Young Age

With digital technology usage ever-increasing, it's time to take a little step back for some good old recreational reading. Whether it be a fantasy novel or an except in your local newspaper.

Predicted Grades: Another Barrier in Higher Education

Predicted grades result to be inaccurate and in the worst cases stop students from disadvantaged backgrounds from applying for the course they want and to an institution of their choice.

Brexit and Freedom of Speech in Education

Nowadays our freedom of speech is continually restricted but how long can we tolerate these limits?

Dealing with Writer’s Block

Writing inspiration comes out of nowhere, one moment you’re making macaroni and cheese, the next a great idea for an article, story, poem, or whatever it may be has popped into your mind. Taking that idea and running to the nearest pen/paper…