Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

City Pollution, Your Detox

Exploring pollution in the city, why it matters for the Londoner, and what to do about it for the future.
Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Very soon we might not be able to use a product we are pretty much used to using daily. UK bans wet wipes

Government Looks to Cut Back on Plastic Waste

Both the Queen and the Prime Minister are taking advantage of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting currently underway at Buckingham Palace to emphasise the need to cut back on plastic waste. Theresa May said that the UK is taking…

Help the Environment without Hurting your Wallet

Humans have a massive impact on the environment. We have a finite amount of resources available to us on the planet such as oil, coal, and even fresh water. Eventually, these will be depleted, and at our current pace of consumption that day…

The Missing Piece in the Story of Climate Change

Animal agriculture is possibly one of the least known about industries but certainly one of the most dangerous. 18% of greenhouse gases are due to animal agriculture which is more than the whole of the transportation combined which is 13% which…

Stop and Smell the...Pollution

Have you ever heard of a ‘smellfie’? Don’t worry I haven’t either, in fact it’s a relatively new term just recently coined through an article from the BBC written by Matt McGrath. Said article, Can city ‘Smellfies’ stop air pollution?…

A New System

Our current movers and shakers have intentionally disrupted the natural equilibrium of Terra (earth), but why? Through supposedly superior eyes I presume that a person would believe that they were above all other creations and being so endowed…