The Photography & Creative Writing Competition 2018

The Photography & Creative Writing competition has officially come to an end with six lucky winner producing some amazing pieces of work surrounding the topics of Faith, Identity & Belonging.

There is a Hero Inside of You

Utilising the skills we learn from our helpers during our missions.

Hidden Voices - Faith, Identity & Belonging

This episode of Hidden Voices covers all things related to faith, identity & belonging as Samir, Kaled & William host a comeback to the platform. The episode was made in celebration of the Photography & Creative Writing Competition with Paddington Arts.


The photo was taken in winter somewhere in the Kent. It describe no matter where we go and no matter what the situation , there is always way to remember Allah(God).


A tale of a Syrian refugee girl in Berlin housed by a German family. Where the son is always nagging him.

Run Free, Girls

Tutu, a young girl, attempts to redefine and navigate her life in the aftermath of a civil war in her country.

Interfaith Summit 2017 Review

The interfaith Summit on November 16, 2017 looked to intertwine various individuals of a wide array of religious backgrounds. There, in a small complex located in Shadwell, these individuals coalesced into a mass in order to engage with each…