When a Fool experiences Writer's Block

A personal piece discussing my writing capabilities as I make a comeback to publishing articles on ScribersHive

Something More After the Smoke

Reflecting on heroes and other instances of love during and throughout the destruction of the Greek wildflowers


I caught myself yesterday taking a photo in Waterstones as I was reading a book to then instantly display on my story, because hey - look at what I’m doing! I’m interesting, validate me. To which I stopped myself, deleted the post, put…
You + Life = Playing a Game

You + Life = Playing a Game

Many are lost in this game we refer to as life. In this reality show that is currently LIVE. Many play the roles that do not fit. Many feel fear when thinking about altering the descriptions that they have originally received. These descriptions…

A New System

Our current movers and shakers have intentionally disrupted the natural equilibrium of Terra (earth), but why? Through supposedly superior eyes I presume that a person would believe that they were above all other creations and being so endowed…