Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

Finding Love in COVID times

Ena talks about finding love during COVID and explores navigating the virtual dating world

To watch “reality” shows or not? - That is the question

Ena discusses all things Reality TV and whether it's worth watching.

Film Review - Call Me By Your Name

Film review on Call me by your name

There is a Hero Inside of You

Utilising the skills we learn from our helpers during our missions.

The entire ocean in a drop

I have found my place in the world by accepting that regardless of any marker of identity (religion, race, gender etc.), I am/was/always will be whole and complete. I do not need to chase or obtain anything in order to receive contentment. As Rumi said, I am the ocean in a drop (as literally depicted in the picture !). This is the level of freedom and peace I feel when I remember that my one true identity is a bearer of the world's remedy and natural state: love.

Interview with the Cast of Love War and Recycling

An Interview of the performers from the brilliant dance performance.

Love War and Recycling Performance Review

Paddington Arts Brilliant Dance Performance Review

Can Feminists Enjoy ITV2's Love Island?

More and more young people are identifying as feminist. ITV2's Love Island is the most popular programme between 16-34 year olds - but is it misogynistic or feminist?