Antidepressant Prescriptions in England Double in Past Decade

Increasing rates of depression have led the NHS to issue over 70 million prescriptions for antidepressants in 2018.

270 Women Might have Died Due to Error in NHS’s system

Up to 270 women may have had their lives shortened, due to a failure in the NHS's breast cancer screening test system

NHS Trust Fined Record £2 Million for Deaths of Two Patients

Southern Health were issued the largest fine of any NHS Trust after admitting to “systemic failures” that led to the deaths of patients Teresa Colvin and Connor Sparrowhawk. Following a prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive,…

What of the thousands dying on our streets?

The homeless are often forgotten in our busy modern lives, passed by many as lazy, frauds and drunkards, in all the discussion we can forget is the abject poverty these people face. Through the harsh rain and freezing cold, those without homes…