Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

How You Can Help the Refugees From Afghanistan

Afghanistan is going through a humanitarian crisis that has left thousands of men, women and children displaced from their homes.  We’ve all been devastated by the images of desperate people trying to flee the country in the last few…

Hidden Voices - Season 2 | Episode 7 - Arts & Activism

We talk to Anrike Piel on the latest episode of Hidden Voices discussing arts in the role of social activism.

Crisis, Nightmare, Threat: Exploring the Facts Behind the Semantics of UK Immigration

Words used to describe UK immigration often mask the reality of the situation. Here, we take a look at what is really going on.

Isolation in the North by Anrike Piel - ScribersHive Europe

Isolation in the North by Anrike Piel is a reflection piece written on behalf of the ScribersHive Europe programme.

Refugees by Emin Ayyildiz - ScribersHive Europe

Refugees by Emin Ayyildiz (Turkey) is a short report written on behalf of the ScribersHive Europe programme.

Routine Criminalisation of Asylum Seekers Continues in the UK

Asylum Seekers of the UK are continuously and unjustly criminalised. A guest article from Harry Sanders of the Immigration Advice Service.

Dear Refugee Crises - Valentina Georgieva

A letter written to the current Refugee Crises world wide written by Valentina as part of the ScribersHive Europe programme.

Aquarius: How Did We Get Here?

If we fail to help them, how are we going to change and detach ourselves from our terrible histories?

What of the thousands dying on our streets?

The homeless are often forgotten in our busy modern lives, passed by many as lazy, frauds and drunkards, in all the discussion we can forget is the abject poverty these people face. Through the harsh rain and freezing cold, those without homes…