Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

Rewilding the Arctic - A Solution to Permafrost Thaw?

A recent study shows that rewilding the Arctic could solve permafrost thaw and enhance carbon capture.

Icebreaker Polarstern set to Study the Arctic for a Year

The German Icebreaker, Polarstern is set for a year long voyage in the Central Artic Ice to measure its impact on climate change.

CERN Plans to Build Larger Hadron Collider

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is planning to build an even larger Hadron Collider for Physics research.

Filling in the Gaps of Philosophy

Often when people think of the history of Philosophy their mind wanders to Grecian Philosophers such as Aristotle, Socrates and Plato and for more recent philosophers we cast our minds to Averroes, Rousseau and Diderot and Maimonides. However,…