We seek to make a change 

A change in society is hard to maintain 

Social media has taken over this century

Engulfed by the ‘perfection’ which is drowning the reality 

The pressures of looking a certain way 

Expectations which are thrown our way 

A degree, A house, A successful career, 

A great relationship, A child 

An untainted illustration

Perfect, untouchable, unblemished, unstoppable

Who sets these expectations?

Who controls our feed?

How do we limit what our eyes see? 

When it’s plastered across every avenue believe me

Depression is on the rise  

Children as young as 5 

Are questioning their identity 

Wondering who they’re meant to be

We are causing a loss in youth

Forcing these innocent minds 

To conform to social constructs

Yet no one wants to take the blame

Social media is all a strategic game.

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