As dodgy of a topic the mystery surrounding the dark web can be, dodgier still are its dark secrets to those with knowledge.

The dark web is, for lack of a better word, the virtual hell of the internet.
It’s the deep dark underbelly of betrayal, tyranny, gluttony and evil, scorched by nothing other than pure unrelenting flame.
Essentially, it’s Dante’s Inferno if ever there was such a thing.

Now, for those of you without knowledge, I’m here to share with you a perspective on just why the hell you should stay clear of it – for those of you with knowledge, well, I’d recommend extreme caution all the same.

For me, my pseudo encounter with the Dark Web started just over three years ago.
I was surfing Reddit one day when, out of the blue, a friend of mine shared a story that was unlike anything I’d ever read…

It detailed how a man was brutally murdered by a group of masked men after being kidnapped and tortured in one of the dark web’s infamous Red Rooms…

At first, I remember just staring blankly at the screen – my emotions taking their time to fully form…

“Murdered… Tortured… Red Rooms… DARK WEB!”

At that point, it all came rushing towards me.

I was shocked!
No, beyond shocked actually – I was sickened!

To think that human beings could be that depraved and that sick to publish something like that – for what I can only assume to be for their own amusement – and then to promote it through the dark web to entertain potential followers was, frankly, a crime that deserved to be punished behind the closed doors (or gates) of hell itself.

If only that had been the full story…

It turned out there was more. A hell of a lot more!

After I started doing a bit of digging, I discovered a whole plethora of ‘dark’ dark web stories. Everything from drug trafficking, sex trafficking, child pornography, indexed sites where you could hire hit men… essentially anything and everything that could be used to harm someone somewhere or other was listed within the dark directory of the internet.

So what am I saying here?

Basically, just to stay the hell away!

I know this article must come across as quite macabre but I feel it’s important to address that there’s a whole other side to the internet that the majority of people just don’t know about.

But even so, if you do know about it, and you decide to download the surface webs TOR Browser, you’re likely to end up in a place you don’t want to be!

Think about it: You wouldn’t want to end up in hell in the afterlife would you?
So why would you subject yourself to it here and now while you’re living and breathing!

Photo by Andrew Neel.

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