Technology is in our everyday life; there are those who are still getting used to it and slowly learning, like my grandmother, and those, like me, who were born in the Technological era.

Today I want to introduce you to Token.

The US company Tokenize Inc. is preparing to launch it in Europe in Spring 2018, a new product that will surely make our lives easier.

The Token is a ring that allows us to eliminate all types of passwords from our lives; from the computer to the door digital locker, even credit cards. It operates thanks to Windows’ Platforms and payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard.

But its real strength is the undeniable convenience and small size.

The Token ring has a design so minimal, yet sophisticated, it’s available in different sizes and three different colours: silver, sterling and pink gold. The battery can last up to two weeks with a single charge and is waterproof up to 50 meters’ depth.

Tokens will change the way you manage payments and other transactions significantly, both offline and online.

In regards to security, the recorded data and direct use: a ring is easy to misplace and can be worn by anyone. To guarantee the security of our data, Token designers have implemented biometric technology inside the inner circle, which recognises the scanning of the fingerprints every time the ring is taken out, to activate the ring feature.

The system will automatically lock it and then resume it once identified by scanning the fingerprint of the owner. It safety beats any smartwatch bracelet present on the market, thanks to the Bluetooth and NFC systems technology (Near Field Communication).

The Token Ring has a unique recognition system.

The so-called ‘Knock’ gesture is the main sign, with which your car equipped with ‘Start & Stop’ will open to the simple ‘knock’. The device is compatible, with about 50 public transport systems in the world and will eventually replace physical tickets and card. Also, the ring could replace the badges used by office employees and record their working hours.

Their goal is to eliminate complicated password and authentication systems and replace them with secure encryption. With Token ring is possible to make contactless transaction in any store or shop. Token does more: ‘knocking’ on your computer or any surface to access to your accounts.

In short, Token Inc. expects to be able to do great things with just the ‘knock’ ring on any surface.

With these devices arriving soon on the world market, how will it change our lives?

Are we ready for a radical change?

Photo by MontyLov on Unsplash

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