What is it that intrigues someone to ask during a comic-con interview, “Could you possibly comment on the connection between say… Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead?…”

At which point the cast of your favourite Film or TV show will probably just give you the cold stare and refuse to comment.

You can’t possibly expect a satisfying answer but you’ll ask anyway in hope that just a smidge of information will be revealed.

But why do the fans ask?… Why do you ask?

My guess is that if you’re a true hard-core fan of said film or TV show, you’ll probably want as much content as you can get. You’ll want an unsurpassable amount of knowledge that can never be granted to you.

So it’s no wonder that you or the hard-core fans are never fully satisfied with the answers the cast and crew will give you.

To top it off, if you then imagine you’re one of those who’s traveled at least a hundred miles to attend a yearly comic-con event, one of the first things you’ll probably want to ask is, “What was it like to film this or that scene?”

That’s quite a generic question and hopefully your imagination stretches beyond such contrivances but, in all honesty, if you’ve really dedicated that much time just to burn up your fuel, then it only makes sense for you to ask those kinds of questions when the elephant in the room can never be satisfyingly answered.

Speaking of which, the titular elephant in the room – The crossover – is probably the reason why you’re reading this article, right?

You want to know what the lure of the crossover is?

Well, sorry to waste your time but…

I actually don’t have an answer for you.

I apologise if you’ve spent a long time sifting through different articles for something to read. I really mean that.

But I did warn you.

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist.

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