I’m not a morning person. I know that and a lot of people close to me acknowledge it as well.

Haven’t really been one since high school and the only time that I actively get up before 8am is in a new environment – like our recent trip to Poland with ScribersHive Europe.

Regardless of the time of day, I see to it that work in the office gets done, whether it be handling interns or completing tasks set out for the week.

But as a scriber, when it comes to writing my own content, something just pulls me back from publishing.

I know I have the capabilities of churning out written content. The most articles I wrote in a day was 14, but I don’t think I’ve even hit that number so far in 2019.

Prioritisation is key when working on a multitude of things and we’re growing pretty quickly as an organisation.

Once the main work is done then the remainder of my time in a day is dedicated to article writing.

The problem with that is, it’s usually after lunch and with a delicious meal comes the infamous midday slump.

ANY attempt to be productive is just put off by the smallest of distractions! Computer fans, music, cars, annoying flies and sometimes even breathing.

If it isn’t sound, then either the phone or the rumbling of my own stomach turns me into the master of doing nothing.

Putting off writing for long periods of time is a nightmare for me. But once I get back into the habit of doing my own work, everything flows perfectly.

Procrastination is something that effects everyone whether your working or studying.

Ultimately it’s up to you to bench press your mind and mentally push yourself out of that deadlock. If that means getting up early in the morning to make sure you meet your objectives, stick to it and improve.

This is my first article in quite some time. More to come on the way.

Photo by Rose Erkul on Unsplash

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