Earlier this week headlines of a mass hanging were covering the news in India for the unusual circumstances it was discovered in by the authorities.

The Delhi neighbourhood of Burari was shocked to find out most members of a well-known family in the area were found dead on Sunday.

A total of 11 bodies were found in a house belonging to the Bhatia family.

The Bhatia’s, who had a well-established business in Burari were found by a nieghbour after their grocery store didn’t open at the usual time..

The Family of 11 shared a three story house with their shops on the ground floor.

Gurcharan Singh, the neighbour, went into the Bhatia house after his wife queried him about the shops not opening.

Upon arrival, all the doors were open and Singh saw 10 of the family members tied up and hanging from the ceiling.

He immediately ran back to his house and informed the authorities.

The 11th member, 75-year-old Narayan Devi was lying lifeless on the floor.

When the police got informed, hordes of news vans came to the scene in order to cover the breakthrough in the Northern Part of Delhi.

When Police arrived on the scene, the bodies were identified with Devi as the oldest member, her daughter, two sons, their spouses and five grandchildren ranging from the age of 33 to 15.

Priyanka was the oldest grand daughter at age 33 and had been engaged 2 weeks before her death.

Neighbouring members of the community remember the Bhatia’s as good people who were pious and didn’t cause any trouble.

After assessing the situation, investigators have suspected that the case may be a mass suicide linked to spirtual and ritualistic practices.

Notes were found scattered on the scene linked to cult-like practice.

According to PTI, one of the notes had said “The human body is temporary and one can overcome fear by covering their eyes and mouths”.

The 10 bodies were found blindfolded with their mouths covered and limbs tied.

Other handwritten notes found in the house detailed how the hand and legs were supposed to be tied.

Police told the press that the ritualistic practice suggested in the notes would lead to Moksha, the Sanskrit word for salvation.

Besides strong evidence of a mass suicide caused by religious belief, neighbours and extended members of the Bhatia family insist that this is a murder case.

Post mortem reports have revealed that the 10 deaths were by hanging however, Narayan Devi’s body has turned out to be only partially hung, leaving investigators puzzled as to why her body was found on the ground.

Police hope that the mystery behind this case will be uncovered in the upcoming weeks.


Photo by Tim Boote on Unsplash

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