It’s 2019– it’s time for a change and a way to evolve.

It was reported that Brunei’s government has implemented new laws in their legislation. Those laws included deadly and violent actions to be done to people whether they’re LGBT+ and committed adultery or theft.

When it comes to the LGBT+ people in Brunei, if they are found to be gay, the consequence would be stoning.

In the case of theft, the consequence would be the amputation of both hands and legs.

This raises the question of whether human rights are so lax in this country. It is understood that the country is a Sultanate, and they have their religious own customs, but even Muslims value human life.

In the wake of this announcement, there has been a slew of people coming together to boycott any Brunei-linked investment agencies, like hotels.

In the list of hotels that many are asking to boycott, there are three that are in the UK; The Dorchester in London, 45 Park Lane in London and Coworth Park in Ascot.

Actor George Clooney penned an opinion piece asking for these hotels and many others to be boycotted. In his article he admitted to staying in these hotels, but he was unaware of how the country treats people of different sexualities.

Once that article was made public, the thread just kept on going with many other celebrities and those who agree with this protest expressing their concerns over the new law. Amnesty international has issued their disagreement with this law.

They wrote on their website:

“To legalize such cruel and inhuman penalties is appalling of itself. Some of the potential ‘offences’ should not even be deemed crimes at all, including consensual sex between adults of the same gender,” said Rachel Chhoa-Howard.

“These abusive provisions received widespread condemnation when plans were first discussed five years ago.”

Rachel Chhoa-Howard goes on to say how these laws are unjust and inhuman, “Brunei’s Penal Code is a deeply flawed piece of legislation containing a range of provisions that violate human rights,” said Rachel Chhoa-Howard.

“As well as imposing cruel, inhuman and degrading punishments, it blatantly restricts the rights to freedom of expression, religion, and belief, and codifies discrimination against women and girls.”

The law is set to be put into effect on the 3rdApril 2019. Like what many others are saying, this law is completely against a person’s right to do what they want with whomever they want.

It is understood that like many other places around the world there is a liberal (more accepting) way of seeing the world and there is the conservative way of seeing the world.

Both sides have to come to an understanding that human rights are not to be seen as something criminal or degrading.

With this story it brings up a question that might not get answered right away: why is the world becoming so sad and hurtful and is there any way of redeeming hateful actions?

Photo by Tristan Billet on Unsplash

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