A shooting took place on Thursday December 7th at the Aztec High School in Aztech, just a three-hour drive from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Two students died on the shooting: Casey Jordan Marquez and Francisco Fernandez, as well as the murdered who is supposed to have killed himself.

The murderer has been identified as William Atchison, a 21-year old former student who did not make it to his graduation.

Atchison entered the school at 8:04 am as a student wearing a backpack where he kept his gun and ammunitions.

There could have been a lot of other deaths New Mexico State Police Chief Pete Kassetas said, if it wasn’t for some heroic gestures made from many members of the school, teachers, staff and students as well.

He was already known by the FBI for being very active on the internet as a white supremacist, his views were so atrocious that he was actually banned from some (far right) websites.

He had published in the past posts asking were to buy a cheap assault rifle and he more than once glorified mass and school shootings.

He frequented a lot of alt-right websites and forums. He said he saw the world he was born in as a pure dystopia, blaming the ‘N’ word. “I was also commenting a lot against LGBT”.

Kassetas said that the New Mexico State Police believes Atchison took his own life. Sabrina Montoya, mother of Garrett Parker, student of the Aztec high school who was present during the shooting day said: “I just can’t believe this happened in our community. This is all a horrible feeling. I’m glad my kids are safe and with us but I am devastated for my community and for the families who didn’t get the chance to take their kids home.”

The US Democrat Sen. Martin Heinrich said he distraught for the news and called for action to end the “epidemic of gun violence” in America.

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