Should we embrace to the success that is social media?

In the collective 10 plus years that social media has been on the scene, there’s no denying the weight and power it has done for the culture as we know it.

Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have given us the tools to stay aware of what’s going on in the world of entertainment, fashion etc.

New fashion trends were usually showcased in magazines, commercials and billboards but as the digital age emerged, the world of fashion and everything that goes along with it are now embedded in the world of social media.

That includes shopping as well, customers are now using the linked ads on social media to purchase what they want.

When it comes to fashion shows, the influence of social media was an essential part of promoting and increasing viewers.

Fashion has always been a form of expressing oneself and with platforms like Instagram and Snapchat the instant expression with the multitude of photos and filters helps viewers and industry officials see what is out there.

Social media has brought upon a slew of influencers who are willing to share their lives with the world. There are influencers whose job is to showcase the next trend in fashion or what is useful to wear according to the changing season.

Instagram has become a virtual magazine when it comes to what’s what in fashion, from clothing to makeup to what the top designers are showcasing.

Along with this there is also an increase in the models. Models are being discovered on social media and being hired by the top agencies to then work for top designers to show off their designs.

Models like, Winnie HarlowAlyssa Traore and Matthew Noszka have landed modelling gigs with some of the top fashion designers.

In an effort to scout new models there was a hashtag going around, #WLYG (We Love Your Genes). This was created by IMG Models.

The vice president of IMG Models explained after a visit to Australia and seeing the number people on Instagram she thought of using that platform for scouting new models. “I thought I should make an Instagram account which I thought would be really good for scouting.”

Social media has opened the doors for promotion and getting young unknown models a chance to fulfil their dream. The question still stands, Should we embrace to the success that is social media?

Yes, the digital age has proven the power of its user and the impact it has for promotion and sales. Social media has been more than just connecting with family and friends; it has become a global scout for new talent.

Photo by Raden Prasetya on Unsplash

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