As a young person, we often feel powerless in addressing social issues we experience or witness.

Especially, when we lack the skill sets or tools to cope with the different pressures we face, jump over hurdles and deal with the consequences of our actions.

But, don’t be afraid to take the chance, because


                “there is a hero inside of you” (Mariah Carey)


This hero is being summoned everyday into accepting different tasks, and inevitably passing through the stages of the hero’s journey.

Everyday we leave our place of safety and comfort to an unknown territory. This can be a place of study, work or even travels.

Once there, we face many temptations and personal/professional challenges, which appear in a variety of forms.

This could be tackling a university assignment, or dealing with work relationships, values, finance, or even managing our kingdom at home.

Either way, these challenges are always individualised and no two heroes’ journey is ever the same, despite the cycle in the hero’s journey, because a hero has 1000 faces.

Through every challenge we encounter, there is help around. However, we need to seek it and utilise the tools our helpers gift us.

Our helpers can be parents, teachers, friends, animals, strangers, educational resources and much more.

There will be points of extreme difficulty and facing of fears. We may be very close to giving up and that is when we experience a sense of death.

However, when we can pass through this steep hill, we find ourselves reborn and transformed.

We then leave with the knowledge and skills (treasures)  back to our usual territory.

But we feel different inside. We are braver, wiser, more experienced, and have developed some tools/skills to face a similar adventure, all over again.

The truth is we’ve been demonstrating heroic characteristics  since the day we were born.

If we  feel we are lacking in skills, it’s up to us to utilise the tools and skills we are given from our helpers, during our mission or adventures.

But most importantly, to use those tools to contribute positively to the world.

Because that is what heroes do.

Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash

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