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Far Cry’s fifth instalment is set in Montana, USA instead of the exotic locations of deserts, jungles and mountainous regions in the previous games.

You begin the game as an unnamed rookie that never talks throughout the game but you can customise how they look even though it is a first-person game.

With a marshal and other police officers, you are assigned to fulfil an arrest warrant of the antagonist Joseph Seed aka The Father.

However, you come to realise this region of the United States is in the full control of the Father and arresting him was never a possibility due to his followers killing themselves to free their leader.

Nonetheless, the helicopter that was carrying the Father crashed and the operator who was in contact with the sheriff did not report the crash.

The incident went unnoticed in the outside world. Unfortunately, I never was able to find the operator.

Only the rookie manages to escape and everyone else is either captured or unknown and now you have the option to begin liberating one of three regions controlled by the Father’s family.

To confront the region bosses, you have to fill the resistance bar and there are 3 bars to fill which leads to meeting a boss.

Once you fill a bar, while you’re roaming about, you get captured and confront the boss and usually in the first capture the Father is present.

The first region I explored is John Seed’s region where it is mostly farmland.

His motto was “say yes” and he was torturing one of the deputies from the helicopter crash.

The second region I explored was Faith Seed, she is in charge of producing Bliss, a hallucinogenic drug that creates mindless human drones.

She insists that being free from world attachment will make you happy.

The third and final region I visited is Jacob Seed, a Gulf War veteran in charge of creating soldiers.

He divides people between the weak and the strong with survival of the fittest as his motto.

After defeating all the bosses, you unlock the final mission to confront the Father where it all began, an island in the middle of the 3 regions.

While the story stays true to the previous Far Cry games, none of the villains are as memorable as Vaas Montenegro in Far Cry 3 or Pagan Min in Far Cry 4.

The online multiplayer is surprisingly good for a story-driven game.

The only two game modes are death match and team death match but the maps vary from fighting on two pirate ships to becoming small soldiers in a massive children’s bedroom.

There is also an option where players could create their own maps but it takes a while to do so.

Rating –

The rating I give this game is 8.5 but it could have been higher if the story was written better.

It’s the time of year to conclude the most prestigious competition in Europe.

On Saturday 26th May Real Madrid aim to win their record 13th Champions League title against Liverpool, an unlikely finalist.

Liverpool is in their first Champions League Finals in 11 years; two years after losing to Sevilla in the Europa League Final, while Real Madrid’s track record in Europe has been spectacular in recent years aiming to achieve their record 3rd consecutive Champions League title.

However, in their respective domestic leagues, both teams had a poor season compared to last year where Real Madrid won the Champions League and La Liga but finished 3rd while Liverpool finished 1 point lower than last year in fourth spot.

Road to Kyiv

Real Madrid beat French champions Paris Saint Germain in the last 16, the Italian champions Juventus in the quarter finals and the German champions Bayern Munich in the semi-finals.

While Liverpool beat the Portuguese champions Porto in the last 16, the English champions Manchester City in the quarter finals and the team who beat the current Spanish champions in the previous round, Roma in the semi-finals.

In retrospect, both teams’ Champions League runs show they deserve to be in the finals but not without controversies.

Nonetheless, Liverpool has scored 5 goals or more in their knockout stages while Real Madrid’s first leg domination gave them the advantage over their opponents, therefore, the one-off finals will show who wants to win more.

Key Players

Mohammed Salah had a sensational season, breaking records and collecting several personal awards and tipped for Ballon d’Or. That is if he helps Liverpool win the Champions League, but his recent form should be questioned after scoring 1 goal in his last 4 games.

While Cristiano Ronaldo may have aged and had a long goal drought in the beginning season, he has been playing as a traditional striker showing his deadliness in front of goal.

Even though both teams are lethal on the attack, they both have defensive woes regarding their keepers. Keylor Navas and Loris Karius both have been inconsistent which resulted in goals that should not have been conceded.

Liverpool weakness is their inexperience especially with their 19-year-old right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold who managed to contain the threat of Leroy Sane for Manchester City, but his mistakes resulted in Roma scoring two goals in their tie. Therefore, Real Madrid will exploit this weakness.

However, Real Madrid may be arrogant after beating Athletico Madrid and Juventus in the past two finals and see Liverpool as an inferior to them so Liverpool may surprise them with their gameplay.


This will be an open and high scoring game, but I think the team who wants it more will win which is Liverpool.

Former Paris Saint Germain manager Unai Emery is set to become Arsenal’s head coach after Arsene Wenger resigned at the end of the Premier League season.

It has taken almost 22 years for the frenchman to leave the North London club and it looks like the Arsenal board are looking to bring in former Europa League winning manager Emery.

The Spaniard has left PSG after two years having failed to bring the French giants some European Silverware.

Emery has been under the limelight for some time now particularly because of his managerial career at Sevilla – where he won three consecutive Europa League titles.

Though La Liga is a league dominated by Barcelona and Real Madrid, Emery managed to consistently keep strong campaigns with Sevilla has they performed (and still perform) both domestically and in Europe.

Having finished sixth this season, Arsenal are looking for both a top four spot and success in the Europa league in the next campaign.

With Wenger gone, Emery will have to change the philosophy and tactics at Arsenal with the calibre of players they already have.

The Gunners already have a strong attack with the likes of Aubameyang, Lacazette and Mkhitaryan dominating the front line.

What the team has been lacking in with recent years is a solid defence.

Arsenal do harbour some talented defenders, however, with the risk of injury and investment needs to be made in the back line.

Perhaps Arsenal should invest in another centre-back since their captain Koscielny is out from long term injury.

Another important investment would be buying a good left back such as Fulham star Ryan Sessegnon who has had a spectacular season in the championship.

The Arsenal board are notorious for not spending that extra bit of money that their manager wants.

With the price of inflation skyrocketing every season, this is not a sustainable way for Arsenal to scout big signings.

Emery can perhaps exploit this with the amount of talent he has harboured with a small amount of money.

Should Emery be appointed, a great first signing would be his former Sevilla player Steven N’Zonzi.

Currently at the peak of his form and selected for the French National squad, N’Zonzi is the solid holding midfielder that Arsenal really need.

Xhaka and Wilshere are out of form with the Gunners and having a player like N’Zonzi in the middle will surely bring a balance.

Not only will there be stability in defence, but a better morale pushing forward in attack.

Unai Emery would be a good start in a new era for Arsenal FC.

The only concern is whether the fans will back him should he not have a good campaign next season.