With the leak of the Panama Papers in April last year comes further exploration of how the elite manage to evade paying taxes.

These range from A-list celebrities to royals & politicians, multinational corporations and sporting bodies.

This week saw the leak of the Paradise Papers which exposed hundreds of thousands of the elite class in Britain and beyond for their offshore tax havens.

The 13.4m documents have revealed the most powerful figures in the world (the Queen) and the biggest corporations including American technology company Apple.

Other names include Nike, Everton FC and recently exposed sex offender Harvey Weinstein.

Britain’s remaining colonial islands have also been mentioned in the Papers as it has been revealed that the Queen has transferred incredible amounts abroad.

Described as an ‘Offshore Empire’ by the press, it’s funny to see how the British Empire has resurrected and changed its meaning over the course of a couple of years.

All of our parents & grandparents knew it as an imperial oppressor and now our generation sees this ‘empire’ as a utopia for corrupt politicians who enforce tax regulations on the general public, but never follow the rules themselves.

It is evident that the ones in charge of the country want to keep the classes divided with their greed.

Budget cuts to policing, community centres, health services and jobs have really pushed the working class of the UK further back.

The reason why the world still suffers from the economic crash is because we allow corporations to keep their profits and not pay up when the amount is due.

Time and again the people have demanded that these big companies pay their taxes yet we still crawl to the stores when a new IPhone has come out.

21st century materialism has played a part in allowing these corporations to get away with their actions right under our own noses.

It shouldn’t take a massive documental exposure to realise that we as the working class are being played by those who own everything.

While we fight each other about benefits and immigrants ‘stealing’ British jobs, the rich have been getting richer.

The Papers show that the leaders of today are the biggest money launderers of the modern world.

New regulations need to be put in place where those who have evaded the law are held with serious consequences.

If we continue to take these cases lightly, there will be no progress in our ever-growing society.

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