We as humans have the greatest potential for diversity because of our variance of culture, race, gender roles, physiology, personality and our free will to name a few. Saying that, us humans also show the greatest potential for segregative thinking and conflict based on these exact variances. So the question becomes not one of equality, which denotes either acceptance based on a specific criteria or an exclusion because of the held notions of superiority. But becomes a question of ‘unity in diversity’ or ‘harmony in conflict’. Both of which automatically denotes parts that make up a whole, a system coordinating different aspects and unity obtained by peaceful means.
Is it so hard to drop the ego aspect of our natures, to be proud of our cultural heritage as well as being proud to be a member of our diverse species? Without the need to snuff out the light of a specific species group whom different in appearance are essentially the same? Life itself and this experience we call reality or existence operates like a machine, we as individuals and collectives are just the components performing different tasks, reflected by our true and untainted nature. Performing our duties as programmed by the creator. So your problem cannot be with me, a mere product, it must be with a progenitor regardless of what form they appear in.

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  1. Farah Mohammoud
    You Press says:

    This is an interesting article you have written Ausar Furion to kick off our a discussion on this new platform. In the article you mentioned that is “hard to drop the ego aspect of our natures, to be proud of our cultural heritage as well as being proud to be a member of our diverse species…”, I would be interested to know your thoughts on how we can overcome our pride and ego in order to be proud of our cultural heritage and accept other cultures? also do you think we can have equality without unity? if so does this create more social problems and segregation?

    • Ausar Furion
      Ausar Furion says:

      Hey Farah
      Thanks for replying to the article, and please forgive my late reply.
      “is it so hard to drop the ego aspect of our natures, to be proud of our cultural heritage as well as being proud to be a member of our diverse species…”
      The above quote is the one that you have pointed out. To shed some light, i think its only right to elaborate on the above quotes meaning. To me the question is yes, it is easy to drop the ego. The ego is unfortunately the driving force in most if not all individuals, it is the personality aspect of who we are but not the source of whom we are. Ego acts as a collective characteristic, the accumulation of sensations and their gratification, fears and their defensive mechanisms as well as having the ability to stimulate impulses based on conditioning learnt through ‘nature and nurture’. The ego is an illusionist in nature because it hides from the individual who they really are, trapping them in the behaviors that they have learnt from family, friends, social constructs, religion, beliefs, politics, entertainment and their own need to exist and the trauma associated with non-acceptance. The problem with ego is its ability to autonomously determine the psyche based on the emotional stability of the individual, its void of reasoning and true understanding when it is confined to the gratification of a individuals fears and insecurities. We as humans have a mind, a consciousness and will, all of which to process and understand and to live in this world but the ego is concerned with the survival of the individual from an invisible and uncomprehendable threat. The Problem is Ignorance, the enemy to truth and the antagonist of life. First we dispel falsehood and then we live by truth. The current notions, and opinions which have become truths are based not on science or valid evidence or the passed down wisdom of ancestral elders proven to be correct. These false truths and agreed on opinions are the products of an individuals inner fears and insecurities which are projected through the ego and on to the masses. So i dare every individual to question their very own existence as well the existence of their race and culture, done not from ego or a biased emotional stand point but from using logic and synthesis to reason and conclude, let us all be the scientist and the sage and remember we all have demons in our closets which only the light of proven truth can exorcise.

  2. CakeFace Makeup
    CakeFace Makeup says:

    It’s easy to segregate – how often have we used the divide and conquer method after all. I think it’s harder to be open and inclusive but not impossible. When you have more people you have more thoughts and ideas. Even within the same race of gender you’ll find so many variables. As long as there is an underlying respect and tolerance, diversity is something to be explored and celebrated, not ignored.

  3. Ausar Furion
    Ausar Furion says:

    Hi CakeFace Makeup
    ” As long as there is an underlying respect and tolerance, diversity is something to be explored and celebrated, not ignored.”
    Its so true that as long as there is respect and tolerance, then surly diversity could be celebrated understood and implemented into our daily dealings. But because of a system which we live by is pathologically sick that sees people more as cattle then human and one which has been growing in power and influence over thousand of years, its no surprise that we live in a world of discrimination, prejudices and racism. Governments are at the forefront of human development since the overthrowing of monarchies. One would say that all that happened was the trading of a lesser evil for a worst evil. The point i’m making is that even in this advanced age of information, the morality of people has been cut off by the simple need to survive by any means necessary. A need imposed and controlled by the government through their habit of divide and conquer, segregating people into classes which serves no natural purpose only a commercial and materialistic one. This is the reason why equality couldn’t work. If everyone had the same opportunities, in the eyes of the system there would be a collapse of control. If there was true freedom, everyone being able to freely express themselves governments would become obsolete, robbed of its power to influence, reduced to the position of administrator of equal distribution of natural resources and mediator instead of prosecutor. So on one level we as humans are responsible for are own interactions but the prolonged influence of living a city and its governance over its subjects plays a major factor when dealing with equality and diversity.

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