YUNGBLUD is a 19-year-old artist from the UK who is up-and-coming. His music is Punk, Alternative, Hip-hop, and Electro all united under protest-like anthems.

Album: Yungblud-EP

King Charles
This song was like something from School House Rock. The lyrics were directed to an audience of children. Explaining all the things the government does wrong while rhyming.

YUNGBLUD’s lyrics here were too focused on making sense and rhyming that they didn’t make me feel any emotion while listening. Music, especially rock, is a great time to scream something instead of just saying it. This song has a snappy and fun beat but YUNGBLUD wasn’t sure if he had the right to be loud. (He did) ((Everyone does))

I Love You, Will You Marry Me?
This song is a Beatles “Shake it up Baby” kind of get up and dance. YUNGBLUD is a Superstar on the vocals here. It resembles the rest of the album by being fun and youthful.

Yet again, YUNGBLUD was referencing politics too much in this song, it’s hard to dance when you are talking about economic recession. Just like it’s hard to have a balloon party during a funeral.
The song is very repetitive, I thought the song accidentally just repeated itself I had to make sure the album wasn’t on repeat.

Tin Pan Boy
This song shows more volume and more range in a crashing up and down style. The track is my second favourite on the album. The bridge is golden. In music, making people dance is the only way to make them move politically. So-far in this album the only time I wanted to jump-kick the government in their jaw is when I heard the chorus for this song.

YUNGBLUD is having difficulty while trying to make a political statement first instead of music. For aspiring artists, it is perfectly fine to make a political statement but if you’re a musician make sure the music is good first.

Polygraph Eyes
YUNGBLUD released an emotional track here in the latter half of the album. It was very touchy especially for fans who were victims of sexual violence. The music was not something everyone could listen to. This was a deeply personal track meant for YUNGBLUD’s fans and it didn’t really belong with the rest of the album but could have made a heartfelt single.

The best music is music that everyone can relate to and this song is only relatable for some.

This song is YUNGBLUD’s star. It is the truest piece on the album and filled up with great energy. When YUNGBLUD wrote this, it was written with no one in mind except for himself.

Love was poured in throughout the song with piercing vocals and a beat that went off. Dancy music AND truth.

Overall, this album is a 5/10.

It is high energy music with no clear audience and a disgusting amount of political anguish.

Verdict: Too much salt.

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