Jon Venables was made infamous 25 years ago with his friend Robert Thompson for the abduction torture and murder of two-year-old James Bulger.

Now in his late 30s, Venables has come back in the news again after repeated offenses as he has been charged with possession of child pornography.

He has been sentenced with 40 months at the Old Bailey as it was revealed that other than images of young boys being abused, Venables was also in possession of a Paedophilia manual accessed from the dark web in November 2017.

Venables is one of the few former child criminals who have full anonymity from the public and the press.

He revealed to the police in court of his “stupid urges” after admitting to using the dark web last year for the explicit content.

The prosecutor in the case, Louis Mably QC, told the court about what his officers found on the convict’s computer.

Mably revealed that Venables had images of children mostly between the age of six and 13 as well as a paedophile manual called the Jazz Guide; which teaches offenders how to have sex with children “safely”.

The prosecutor described the findings as a “disgusting and sickening document which falls far below any recognisable standard of morality”.

Venables admitted in court that what he did was wrong and his lawyer Mr Fitzgerald insisted that the judge shouldn’t give him a harsh sentence but rather professional help.

This wasn’t the only time Venables had been charged with a similar sentence as back in 2010, he plead guilty in the same court of distributing child pornography.

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