Venezuela’s Police Station’s Fire.

68 people died on Wednesday after a fire broke out at a police station in Venezuela.

A fire engulfed a police station in Valencia 160km away from Caracas on Wednesday.

The fire is said to have started after some inmates, detained at the police station, set their mattresses on fire in a bid to escape.

During the riot a policeman was shot in a leg; the victims of the fire were mostly inmates, but among them there were said to be two women, who were there just visiting.

After the fire the relatives of the detainee gathered together outside the police station waiting to know what fate touched their loved ones.

Police stations in Venezuela are usually used as prison for many inmates and even though their holdings cells can hold up to 40 people, usually hundreds are said to be placed inside, waiting for their trial.

As the non-governmental organisation “Una Ventana a la Libertas” says, 65 people died last year in those temporary cells, usually from malnutrition, disease and violence.

Last month, in a Tocuyito prison, inmates started where they took dosens of hostages, including guards, where they asked to move to an open prison.

Regarding Wednesday’s fire, Chief State Prosecutor Tarek Saab said that an investigation on the what occurred what has been launched immediately.

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