Walking your mile….with FAITH

Everyone has a story to tell. Every story is unique. Every story is a story of their faith. 

I know, you too have moved mountains with your faith. I feel you, absolutely. And you have a  unique story. Some stories worth sharing with the world and help, inspire, motivate and move their life mountains in enlightened path.

I make here, a point, appeal your attention you. I want to make you realize the power of your  faith is immense. You may have been using it unknowingly like, u defeated your illness; being called of the old schools era, you are at par with the new age technology; or u were desperate to clear an exam after few attempts, you came out with flying color. That’s the power of your will, the power of your faith.

The sources of Faith are varied. Our religious and cultural teachings, our spiritual awakenings, our logical minds accepting from the physical environment and our diverse experiences of life. For example, when as a parent, the father hears his kids say “my daddy can do anything in the world,”  he pushes his limits to fit completely into this image. That is the power of the kid’s faith on his daddy. We have read and heard of many stories children encouraging their parents for further studies and them graduating to prove themselves and keep up with the faith of their children.

There is a call from our planet. A call to protect her. We all can hear her call and still choose to ignore. Let’s put this power to action for, our very own Mother Earth, a call  for her healing! Lets make our earth a better place for our future and children’s. Let’s get started and do our part can be, starting from home “Our comfort zone”. You have no reasons to ignore now!

Did we not hear or read of stories like these, a) there was a man, in the most infertile lands with least of the nature’s attention! With his efforts to save his family from dying of hunger and poverty starts collecting water from the rain( which was the least) over the long time converted the whole village into the most fertile lands with all the attention of the monsoons: b) a man who grew up to see, the nearby ocean, getting polluted and, decides to clean the ocean beach himself. Hundreds of local people joined him: c) people donating most of their earned assets for the ones who really needs: d) one of  India’s former Prime Ministers Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee donated one of his kidney to a person, who was in need, and no where in any relationship with him.  

I will quote the last words of Steve Jobs “ I realize of all the beds I have slept, the most expensive bed is the hospital bed”. I quote this not, to dishearten you but to make you realize if we don’t start to act for our Mother Earth’s healing, it is going to cost heavy in future. I therefore, quote one more of Steve Jobs words “ ….Have the courage and heart to follow your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

Come, join your,  with my hands. And I know you want to, too. Promise me follow the path your faith take u to, in the healing of our own Mother Earth. Let’s write/make some new unique stories to share will our grandkids and, inspire them too….with our non-stop, no-expectations efforts.

With my faith, that I have touched your heart and inspired you; with all the hopes that I will meet you again, somewhere, some path and some medium….through your story of how you walked your miles….with faith.

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