We have observed.
Observed quite a few humans we crossed paths with on this planet they called Earth.
Observed their needs and wants. Observed hidden desires and their carefully designed values.

We have watched.
We’ve seen their reactions to many actions.
We’ve watched them drown in their high unsatisfactory expectations and carefully constructed desires.

We have listed.
We’ve heard their pain in the muted words they were often afraid to say.
We’ve heard their ego’s and beliefs with every note that left that tasty mouth, every single day.

We have felt.
We’ve felt nothingness far more often than we apparently should.
We’ve felt what they referred to as love. But we have been mistakenly guided. We’ve been taught that we should link this feeling to ‘control’.

What nonsense is that?
We often got lost.

Their days passed by motionlessly.
They were afraid of chaos.
They’ve seen previous examples of control and forgot how to let go.
Imaginary restrictions were placed upon their clueless souls.

We did all the above to experience and learn.
We tried being humans…
Not for long.
Glad we could die young.
It just did not work.

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