What seems to be consistent, even during a state of lockdown, are the cases of police brutality and violence against Black people and other minorities.

Not even a week after the protests for Ahmaud Arbery, 46-year-old George Floyd was killed on Monday by four police officers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Originally from Houston, Floyd moved to Minneapolis to support his family with better employment opportunities. He worked as a truck driver and a security guard at a restaurant known to his colleagues as a hardworking and friendly employee.

On the evening of May 25th, officers responded to a call about an alleged forgery in progress and found George, innocent and unarmed, sitting in his car.

The officers arrested Floyd, with mobile phone footage from bystanders showing that he was forcefully pinned to the ground, pleading to the officers as he struggled to breathe.

George was later declared dead at a nearby hospital and the four officers involved in the murder were fired shortly after.

Officer Derek Chauvin has been identified as the main suspect behind the incident as the footage showed that he knelt on Floyd’s neck during the arrest, contributing to the suffocation that eventually led to his death.

Citizens of Minneapolis were outraged by the case, taking to the streets to protest outside of a police precinct.

What started out peacefully soon kicked off as law enforcement used tear gas and other violent dispersal methods against civilians.

Many across the United States and the rest of the world have taken to social media to discuss the racial injustices and exploitation of power carried out by police officers against minorities.

Members of George Floyd’s family have called for the police officers to be charged with murder.

In an interview with Don Lemon, George’s brother, Philonise Floyd said: “they treated him worse than they treat animals.”

The authorities are now investigating the case and claim the four officers are cooperating.

Derek Chauvin’s attorney, Kelly, represented officer Jeronimo Yanez who was acquitted of manslaughter for the shooting of Philando Castile in July 2016.

George Floyd’s death must not go in vain. Too many innocent people of colour have fallen by the hands of people who see them as nothing more than a target.

There needs to be drastic changes made to a system that runs on blank suspicion and favouritism.

Until then, people will continue to protest on the streets in hope that someday, the law deliver and bring a balanced justice to those who have been wronged.


Source of Image: Forbes

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