The world’s largest Primark store opened Thursday in Birmingham, offering multiple food venues, beauty bars, charging stations and water fountains.

Excited shoppers began queuing up at 6.50am to wait for the doors to open at 10am. The 160,000 square feet superstore is the biggest of the 365 stores throughout Europe and the United States and welcomes people of all ages with a variety of interests.

The new location on Birmingham High Street provides an unusually fun experience – it is certainly not just for clothes shopping.

The store has two restaurants: The Mezz and the Primarket Café. The Mezz serves pizza, while the Primarket Café serves local street food.

According to The Sun, Primarket Café is Primark’s first brand café and “the eco-friendly restaurant donates five per cent of every kilo of coffee” back to “the coffee bean growers.”

In efforts to save the environment and recycle, customers will get 10p off their purchase if they bring their own cups to the café.

Primark Birmingham fosters an entertaining and social environment with its Hogwarts Wizarding World and a third restaurant – the Disney café.

With Mickey Mouse-shaped waffles and an “interactive game zone,” the Disney café will attract a younger audience that prefers entertainment to shopping.

For the children who do love to shop, however, Primark Birmingham has also dedicated an entire shopping area to Disney clothing, accessories, toys and makeup.

A Custom Lab is available for shoppers to personalise the clothes of their dreams.

Tim Kelly, Primark’s director of new business development said, “Our customers can expect a great experience at Primark Birmingham High Street.

“They can spend time with friends and family, eat great food, recharge and have fun, and find everything under one roof including fashion, beauty and homewear – all at an amazing price,” Kelly continued.

The new five-story location has everything you need. From makeup and beauty bars, to restaurants, free Wi-Fi, interactive games and more, Primark Birmingham has created an exclusive experience that goes far beyond shopping.

Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash.

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