When you are part of the LGBT community, sometimes it’s really hard to come out and talk about your sexuality or your gender.

Other times it feels natural and that’s great.

Either way it’s amazing when you finally manage to be recognised as who you are.

It makes you feel proud. Isn’t that what pride is all about?

But if there’s anything such as a bad and tasteless time to come out that was definitely October 30th for Kevin Spacey.

Why isn’t this something to celebrate or a statement that he should be proud about?

Simply because he used his homosexuality to deflect from the sexual assault allegations he’s facing.

No person, heterosexual or homosexual, transgender or cisgender, binary or non-binary, white, black or from an ethnic minority, woman or man should ever be proud of themselves if they are sexual harassers.

I’ve read many comments by people thinking that the allegations are not true, because he’s such ‘a good actor’.

So what? Weinstein was a great producer for many.

Others don’t understand why the LGBT community is so angry with Spacey.

Let me help you: imagine not being represented enough in media and being considered wrong and sinful for ages.

And then, when you finally start achieving something – equal rights, recognition, a voice, someone comes along ruining all your hard work, giving the idea of homosexuals as people being unable to control themselves in front of a teenager.

This again, just like Weinstein, is abuse of power.

This is why Kevin Spacey’s coming out is so harming.

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