You + Life = Playing a Game

Many are lost in this game we refer to as life.
In this reality show that is currently LIVE.
Many play the roles that do not fit.
Many feel fear when thinking about altering the descriptions that they have originally received.
These descriptions are hidden in our daily routines.
Throughout years, these descriptions have been inscribed on to and eventually into our genes.
Descriptions that include detailed unwritten instructions titled: ‘This is how it should be’.
Conditioned so well from early ages, we forgot to simply question all these rules and the ‘perfect’ fit lately.

Many choose their roles to repress and detach.
Some choose theirs to participate and attach.
It’s not one or the other, there is no right or wrong;
You can mix and match that’s the beauty of it all!
It would really help if the directors in our heads would remind us from time to time to think twice.
Because the role that we choose will determine our ‘act’.
And what a fun game it really is!
I hope you understand that everyone is an actor in this play.

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