A man was killed eleven years after saving a girl from a rape. The reason – Revenge.

Abraham Badru, 26, died from a gun shot wound around 11 p.m. last night.

The victim, recipient of a National Bravery Award, lived the last eleven years of his life in a fear, after saving a girl from being rape by a gang in 2007.

Back then Badru was only 14-years-old.

Ronke Badru, the mother of the boy, said her son spent the last decade looking over his shoulder and living in fear.

She said to the the Daily Mail: “For ten years, Abraham was afraid someone would kill him and now it happened.”

According to Ronke, her son was a peaceful and respectful young man.

A community worked from Hackney said, he is convinced, the murder was an act of revenge.

Metropolitan Police said, that the schoolgirl, which Abraham saved, would have died if he hadn’t stepped in.

After the heroic action, the 14-year-old back then, was given a standing ovation and £500 reward for his act of bravery.

However, a few months after, Abraham told the police he was a “dead man”, since then he started to receive threatening text messages.

A while after the case, it emerged that the victim was the girlfriend of a 14-year-old gang member named O’Neil Denton, also known as Hitman.

After the trial, the teen victim revealed that she had been kidnapped, she was threatened with a knife.

She added that the assailants kicked her, smashed her face into the wall and then stripped her down.

Since then, most of the members of the gang have been released and are living close to Badru’s home in Hackney.

His mother said, her son should have been given the same level of protection as the girl, since after the accident he became a victim too.

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