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"Be Water, My Friend"

One of my childhood heroes and favourite 20th Century influential figures is none other than Hong Kong movie star Bruce Lee. People world wide know Read More

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Insulation is Key!

It’s no secret that the UK only gets a few bouts of sunshine during the spring and summer while the rest of the year is Read More

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Dear Bullied…

Dear Bullied, Listen now my friend, don’t be afraid. Embrace who you are, your differences and do not mind those who hurt you. For those Read More

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Mental Health

Nobody ever notices the way she pushes the food around her plate, never really eating more than a couple bites. Or the way she always Read More

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Period poverty: How can we end it?

We probably all know that women in developing countries struggle to find sanitary products, especially where menstruation is seen as a sin rather than a Read More

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Up in Smoke

Stepping off the plane with my eyes wide open and hungry for adventure, I took in my first breath of fresh London air. Actually, I Read More

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Here’s My Beef

In a world with an ever-increasing population of over seven billion people, we cannot afford to waste resources. Yet, the world’s cattle consume enough food Read More

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