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Real Men Do Cry: Health Benefits of Crying

Crying is often seen as showing weakness. Making your vulnerability known is difficult, but taking about emotion and crying have health benefits.
Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Very soon we might not be able to use a product we are pretty much used to using daily. UK bans wet wipes

270 Women Might have Died Due to Error in NHS’s system

Up to 270 women may have had their lives shortened, due to a failure in the NHS's breast cancer screening test system

Find Inner Peace with the Practice of Yoga

Yoga is never going out of style, why not enjoying a class with a delicious piece of cake and a cup of herbal tea

Anxiety Rap - An Interview with the Director

Anxiety Rap is a short documentary following the lives of two young artists in an alternative hip-hop group called The Knighthood Society. It explores their experience struggling with social anxiety and gives an insight into the topic of…

NHS Trust Fined Record £2 Million for Deaths of Two Patients

Southern Health were issued the largest fine of any NHS Trust after admitting to “systemic failures” that led to the deaths of patients Teresa Colvin and Connor Sparrowhawk. Following a prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive,…

Help the Environment without Hurting your Wallet

Humans have a massive impact on the environment. We have a finite amount of resources available to us on the planet such as oil, coal, and even fresh water. Eventually, these will be depleted, and at our current pace of consumption that day…

"Be Water, My Friend"

One of my childhood heroes and favourite 20th Century influential figures is none other than Hong Kong movie star Bruce Lee. People world wide know the little dragon not only as an actor and martial artist, but also a philosopher as his legacy…

Asbestos Found in Claire's Kids Make-Up

Asbestos was found in Claire’s make-up sets for kids. Claire’s pulled nine products from the market because they found asbestos contamination. As a CNN affiliate, WJAR-TV reported that Kristie Warner, a mother from Barrington, Rhode…

Insulation is Key!

It’s no secret that the UK only gets a few bouts of sunshine during the spring and summer while the rest of the year is spent in cold wind and rain. For the first time in about seven years in Paddington however, snow finally settled in…