Podcasts discussing a range of topics. Challenging the ‘Status Quo’ with intellect and courage, sharing opinions on recent events. We include general discussions and opportunities for people to voice their opinion and have a platform to say what they think. Encouraging people to say how they feel and  share what they know. Podcasts can also involve guest speakers that can share their experience and give a more in depth look into certain issues.

Hidden Voices - FIFA World Cup 2018

William, Luis, Samir & Kaled discuss their favourite moments of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia for this episode of Hidden Voices.

Hidden Voices - Faith, Identity & Belonging

This episode of Hidden Voices covers all things related to faith, identity & belonging as Samir, Kaled & William host a comeback to the platform. The episode was made in celebration of the Photography & Creative Writing Competition with Paddington Arts.

Hidden Voices: Media Representation

Hidden Voices is ScribersHive's new podcasting programme hosted by our writers and creative artists discussing current events. Each episode is scheduled once a month and gives our audience a chance to hear different perspectives on the issues…