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Street-Side Sexism: Catcalling and Unwanted Sexual Attention

Catcalling is a display of dominance that results in women, and people who are not cis-men, feeling unsafe when simply walking down a street - and it needs to stop.

Pakistani Girl Forced to Abort by Parents

Abortion should be a choice and it should never be forced.

We tried being humans, it did not work.

We have observed. Observed quite a few humans we crossed paths with on this planet they called Earth. Observed their needs and wants. Observed hidden desires and their carefully designed values. We have watched. We've seen their reactions…


60 Palestinians Killed After Violent Attack

More than 60 people were killed by violent actions on the border between Gaza and Israel

US Embassy In Israel Moves To Jerusalem

Donald Trump moves US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem sparking controversy and leading to celebration in Israel but devastation in Palestine.
Westminster North in the Local Elections 2018

Westminster North in the Local Elections 2018

3rd May 2018 is the day of the Local Election with Karen Buck looking to maintain a stronghold for Labour in Westminster North


Real Men Do Cry: Health Benefits of Crying

Crying is often seen as showing weakness. Making your vulnerability known is difficult, but taking about emotion and crying have health benefits.
Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Potential Ban on Wet Wipes in the UK

Very soon we might not be able to use a product we are pretty much used to using daily. UK bans wet wipes

270 Women Might have Died Due to Error in NHS’s system

Up to 270 women may have had their lives shortened, due to a failure in the NHS's breast cancer screening test system


Bristol University Student Criticised by Asian Community

Ignorance and stupidity come in many different levels. This week around the country, a case of the previously mentioned peaked due to a certain Bristol University student celebrating his 21st birthday. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with…

‘March For Our Lives’ Protests Demand Change in Gun Control Laws

Millions of people across the United States took to the streets last weekend to demonstrate their support for stricter gun control regulation in the wake of the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting. The event was planned largely by student…

Law Society WhatsApp Group Exposed for Discrimination

Monday night saw a Facebook post go viral as a Law student of the University of Exeter blasted a WhatsApp group for racist and sexist comments. The exposer, Arsalan, gathered more than 50 screenshots over a course of time to reveal the disgusting…


Movie Review - Deadpool 2 - 20th Century Fox

Deadpool 2 has already broken records after its Tuesday release in the UK. Over the weekend, the Merc' with the mouth managed to beat Infinity War on the box office with over $301m made so far. Ryan Reynolds returns as everyone's beloved…

Movie Review - The Strangers: Prey at Night

After a long 10 years in the making, the sequel to the highly appraised The Strangers came out in March 2018. Two months on and the last screenings of the film are still showing in some of London's popular movie theatres. Now having the…

The Billboard Music Awards 2018 - NBC

The BBMAs are just around a corner and we have to prepare ourselves for an epic show

Sports And Games

Game Review - Far Cry 5 - Ubisoft

A review of the latest Far Cry instalment.

CL Finals Preview: Real Madrid vs Liverpool

The Champions League finals entail a clash between the highest scoring team against the team who won the most. This is a preview of the finals on Saturday 26th May.

Unai Emery Set to Become New Arsenal Manager

Former Paris Saint Germain manager Unai Emery is set to become Arsenal's head coach after Arsene Wenger resigned at the end of the Premier League season. It has taken almost 22 years for the frenchman to leave the North London club and it…


Berlinah Wallace Sentenced to life for Acid Attack

Berlinah Wallace was sentence to life three years after throwing sulphuric acid on her former partner to cause intentional harm. Her partner, Mark van Dongen, ended is life having not recovered from the injuries caused by the corrosive liquid.

Affirmative Consent Is More Than 'Reasonable Belief'

Affirmative Consent is the concept of ‘Yes Means Yes’. It is active consent, without room for confusion. It’s time for us to stop only saying ‘no means no’ - we need more than that.

Shooter in Santa Fe Kills 10 People

On Friday morning at 10:14am a shooting took place at the Santa Fe high school: eight students and two teachers have been killed.


Hidden Voices: Media Representation

Hidden Voices is ScribersHive's new podcasting programme hosted by our writers and creative artists discussing current events. Each episode is scheduled once a month and gives our audience a chance to hear different perspectives on the issues…

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Wetherspoons Shuts Down its Social Media

Wildly popular UK pub chain JD Wetherspoons closed all of its social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Tim Martin, the chairman of the company gives “the current bad publicity surrounding social media” as a main…

Rat's Trap?

Six new stabbings in London Wednesday, other deaths, other lives taken by the violence and hatred that subsists today within people’s own hearts, and while we blame it on the media we don’t make any effort to change the reality. A new…

Snowy London

It is now the third day of snow in London and it is mesmerizing. Waking up in the middle of a Siberian snow blizzard while still in the comfort of your warm and nice London home, isn’t it a dream? I woke up this morning, very early to…

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