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Nobody ever notices the way she pushes the food around her plate, never really eating more than a couple bites. Or the way she always Read More

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Institutional Racism in Football

Say no to racism. That’s the phrase we see in the Champions League before, during and after matches take place yet the disgusting remarks are Read More

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Maltese Journalist Murdered in a Car Bombing

On Sunday 16th October 2017 in Bidnija, Malta, a car exploded at around 3 pm. Inside the Peugeot 108, reduced to pieces by the powerful Read More

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Knife Crime on Wheels

Never in my life did I think I would be afraid of a moped passing by while I wait on a bus stop with my Read More

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When you teach a girl how to protect herself, rather than teaching a boy how to behave, this is what happens. When you teach a Read More

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Coconut Culture

Skin colour and body image has always seemed to be something that was at the forefront of conversation when I was growing up. I identify Read More


Period poverty: How can we end it?

We probably all know that women in developing countries struggle to find sanitary products, especially where menstruation is seen as a sin rather than a Read More

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